Thursday, March 1, 2018

Going Gothic 2

After last year I now realize that I am not along in my Gothic obsession, or should I call it predilection, because it seems I'm just drawn to the genre whether I intend to be or not. Therefore I welcome you to Going Gothic 2: The Gothining! Or perhaps I should say Going Gothic 2: The Rise of Cthulhu. Why "The Rise of Cthulhu" you might ask? Because in the last year my Gothic bent went more to the monstrous side... Because Gothic literature isn't all about a fair damsel in a dilapidated mansion, oh no, Dracula, Frankenstein, Cthulhu, these are the creatures of the Gothic genre! Because Gothic does have the tendency to slip, ever so slightly, towards horror. And horror would be a good way to categorize 2017 and my reading just went with it. Therefore we might have some more "traditional" tales, but we will also have some off the beaten path, in Antarctic wastes, with wolves howling at the gates. So join me in a month of revelry to the gods of the Gothic.   


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