Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mann Month

As October turns to November my mind turns to Steampunk. Yes, this might seem odd, most people's thoughts turn to the holidays, Thanksgiving and sadly the ever looming Christmas, even though it's not till the end of December people. Why would this time of year bring such thoughts to my mind? Because November has an event, one might even say THE event of the year for me, TeslaCon. Next weekend will be my fourth voyage into a world of pure imagination. Yet for each year I go I always think back to my first year. That was when I met George Mann. George has become part of the ritual of the month and therefore I have been planning and plotting and alliterating to my hearts content that one November I would work my way through his oeuvre and dedicate the month to him. Well, that time has finally come! As I have been working feverishly to finish my costumes I have been spending all my spare time adventuring with Newbury and Hobbes as Bainbridge and Queen Victoria put new cases in front of them. I am living the Steampunk dream and to me that dream wouldn't be complete with George and his work. I love that he has an interconnected world where Doctor Who ties in with Newbury and Hobbes ties in with The Ghost. He has a pay off for his devoted fans but a ripping yarn for the newcomers. I hope you will join me in celebrating George this month, and if you haven't read any of his work yet, perhaps I can persuade you to pick up a volume or two.


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