Sunday, May 25, 2014

That Summer Spotlight: Richard Armitage as Gavin Thorne

Name: Richard Armitage

Dream Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Fantasy Movie Adaptation: Gavin Thorne

First Impression: Richard is a blessed actor in that this is the second time I have featured him. Interestingly enough I think that most of my opinions of his awesomeness have shifted over time. Though the first impression in North and South shall never waver. NEVER!

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Dream Movie Adaptation: There is no way that the character of Gavin Thorne isn't based on Richard Armitage as John Thornton. The last names are even similar. Thone... Thornton... The description of him. The fact that he hails from the north of England so you can perfectly hear that richly accented voice in your ear. Everything leads me to believe that this is Gavin. Plus, look at Richard in The Impressionists playing a young Monet... he's so cute as a painter, coupled with his sexiness in North and South, there'd be no stopping him!

Lasting Impression: This is where I revise my opinion. It's North and South, hands down, forget Vicar of Dibley, forget everything else. This scene at the train station, this is what romance is!

What else you've seen them in: Well, despite being in the horrid Star Wars prequel, he's gone on to achieve lasting fame. Aside from that whole John Thornton obsession that's griped all I know, he's gone on to many mysteries, from Lynley to George Gently, Marple to Malice Aforethought. But his two most memorable roles prior to The Hobbit are probably Guy of Gisborne in the now defunct series Robin Hood and Lucas North on Spooks (MI-5 stateside).

Can't believe it's them: The Hobbit. And not because he's not perfect, but cause he makes dwarves kind of sexy... yep, I said it, sexy dwarves. Though Aidan Turner should have already alerted you to this trend. But that scene where he sings about his misty mountain home, heck yeah.

Wish they hadn't: Robin Hood. Because the more I think about this series the more pissed off I am that it was so crap. There's a thin camp/crap line and every time (except the notable Toby Stephens exception) was crap.

Bio: Sexy, tall, baritone voice, has his own army... need I say more?


I totally agree with all of the above. His voice is to die for. :)

And now you've got me distracted thinking about his voice ;)

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