Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winners Announced!

Well, seeing as October had not one, but two giveaways, I think it's time that I announce the winners, seeing as they have already been notified and are doing little dances of joy (or so I asume from the joy in the emails).

Snuff is being sent out to Carol, who would like to be Susan, as would I, as would I.

Haunted Wisconsin is being sent out to cyn209. Get those lightbulbs changed, you won't want to be in the dark once you start reading this stories!

Thanks to everyone who entered, come back in a week because I have a feeling another fun giveaway will be starting.


congrats to Carol on her win!!

thanx for my win & also thank you for the tip!! i definitely will only read HauntedWisconsin during the daytime!!!

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