Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dystopian Drama

If you're like me you're looking around the world and just thinking WTF. I mean, there's a reason The Handmaid's Tale won all the awards at the Emmys and it's not that it was a fabulous series. There was a reflection of the current state of civil liberties just going out the window. More and more it looks like we have become the backstory of a dystopian tale. So you'd think that reading other dystopian books would be antithesis to what we need at the moment, but you'd be wrong. There's something comforting in seeing that these visionary authors saw it coming. Also, there's that ray of hope that perhaps, if we pull together we can stop it before it's gone too far. We can stop it before Handmaids exist or before The Circle closes or just stop the Nazis, because seriously people, Nazis are never good and at least in this world we defeated them once before. These books give us insight into ourselves and the world around us and have become more and more relevant. Therefore I hope you'll spend some time with me reading a few dystopian classics and seeing what Hollywood made of them. It's time for some dystopian drama.   


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