Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Regency Magic

Last year when I conceived of "Regency Magic" little did I think it would resonate with you, my readers, so strongly. I do Strange and Random Happenstance for my own amusement, and of course the free books. I never set out to appeal to the masses or go viral, though I do so love Google Analytics and seeing how many people stop by and from where, hello Turkey! If you're reading this it's because you like the same types of books I do or at least our interests are of a similar bent and therefore you might consider picking up a book I've reviewed. But last year your love for "Regency Magic" blew me away, and totally threw off the curve. Never since that freak occurrence of my running an exclusive with Kerry Greenwood at the same time as the new season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries have I had so many people stop by. I seriously thought I was alone in my love of books like Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and the Glamourist Histories. Of course you exist in the abstract, because otherwise these books wouldn't get published, I just rarely meet you. I have friends who like them, and a rare few who love them, but usually when I start to wax rhapsodic about Susanna Clarke most people tune me out. So not only was this just fabulous to my blog numbers, more importantly it warmed my heart. Hello all you Regency geeks who love your "After Austen" to be that little bit magical! I didn't know you were out there, can we be friends?

Needless to say, but I will anyway, this response made me instantly contemplate a followup. And it wasn't just you, my readers, it was also authors reaching out to me. Other writers in this lovely niche genre going, "Hey, I wish I'd heard about this earlier!" To which I usually responded, "Hey, I wish I'd heard about YOUR writing earlier!" So the worry about trying to find more books became moot. I had an entire reading list of new books about England's Regency with a magical bent. I can not tell you the joy I've had finding out about all these new authors along with getting around to reading authors I just didn't quite have time for last year. Not only that but last year I had three authors who were able to participate, Stephanie Burgis, Caroline Stevermer, and Mary Robinette Kowal. This year I reached out to double that many authors and within minutes almost all of them had signed on. So I hope you'll welcome them all with open arms: Zen Cho, Marissa Doyle, Galen Beckett, Beth Deitchman, and Heather Rose Jones. Who knows what magical discoveries will happen this year as March and April are turned over to strange and random happenings! So let's get to it! Author interviews, reviews, and a bewitchingly good time? I think it's guaranteed! Or at least in the cards.


I can't wait to read all the posts on regency magic. I used to follow many bookblogs these past few years, but I have become very busy with work and study, so I had to stop reading most of them, but yours remains my favourite. Keep up the fantastic work! :D

Aw, thanks Giada! Which reminds me... I still have your prize from last year... oops. I'll drop you an email!

I get to discover so many interesting authors through your posts. Your blog is prize enough to me. ;)

Awww, thanks!

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