Wednesday, August 20, 2014

That Summer Read Along Dream Casting

It's time to have some more fun over on the Facebook Event Page for Lauren Willig's That Summer Read Along! This week I've taken over the reigns as moderator from the lovely Christina and Ashley and prepare the discussion for our final week next week with CĂ©line where all your burning questions will finally be answered! But this week, besides leading the discussion, it's time to talk Dream Casting! I adore playing "what if" games with the characters in books and That Summer is no exception. This painting by John Everett Millais entitled "Mariana" is the basis for the fictional Gavin Thorne's picture of the same name with added sewing box that upsets Imogen at the RA Show. Now I want you to think about what actor could portray an artist capable of painting such beauty and a young actress who could capture the hurt upon seeing her life laid bare on a canvas. Think of who could portray the modern generation finding another painting not on a gallery wall but hidden in the back of a dresser. I know who I think is perfect, but I'd love to hear your opinions too. So head on over to the Facebook Discussion and add your two cents!


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