Sunday, May 18, 2014

That Summer Spotlight: Tom Hiddleston as Nicholas "Nick" Dorrington

Name: Tom Hiddleston

Dream Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Fantasy Movie Adaptation: Nicholas "Nick" Dorrington

First Impression: I don't really have a first impression of Tom. He was kind of in the background of so many things for so long and then wham, superstar, that I can't quite figure what left the first memory in my brain. Perhaps Return to Cranford, though I had seen him in many things prior to this.

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Dream Movie Adaptation: Because why not really? He's everywhere, so why can't he be here? Also he has the right sexiness to bookishness needed to pull of the role of Nick. Plus, he feels to me like he'd be a Dorrington descendant (aka, great whatever of these two, Henrietta and Miles). Can't you tell he'd love a ginger biscuit right about now?

Lasting Impression: Is there really anything else to choose from? If given a choice we would willingly surrender the world to Loki.

What else you've seen them in: Um... he's everywhere! He started in smaller British shows like Return to Cranford and an obligatory Dickens adaptation. Wallander though I think is what brought him into another tier of stardom. Working with Kenneth Branagh made him and introduced him to other big name directors like Woody Allen who perfectly cast him as F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris. Also, his ability to do Shakespeare, swoon worthy.

Can't believe it's them: I really can't believe that he was in Suburban Shootout, because I watched all that was available stateside and only vaguely remember him. Same but worse with Miss Austen Regrets and A Waste of Shame, no memory of him at all. At least I'll watch Miss Austen Regrets again, A Waste of Shame... I don't think you could pay me to watch that again...

Wish they hadn't: Quit Wallander! Seriously, bring him back. Damn you Branagh for making him a star and then having to eliminate him from your own series! On the other end of "wish they hadn't" is Return to Cranford. Oh how I hate this miniseries. It destroyed Cranford! All the characters went against type and they crammed in all these other short stories of Elizabeth Gaskell's to be filler, just, gaw. No.

Bio: Tall, handsome, went to Cambridge and got a double first in Classics, had his big break worldwide when he dyed his hair darker... seems to be really likable and tends to randomly sing and dance in interviews. Did a spot for Sesame Street about delayed gratification... mmm, just so many things right and wrong with that...


I LOVE this! The more Hiddleston, the better! I admit I am very biased when it comes to him, but I do believe he could play the part really well. He's such a great actor. And we know he's good at bringing likeability to a character who seems untrustworthy at first. He's more lean than I imagine the Dorrington men (I picture Miles as very tall and "meaty" in a Tom Hardy sort of way, although Hardy is not tall enough unfortunately), but he certainly can pull off the different sides of Nick - annoyed object of Natalie's affection; ambiguous intentions; flirty and scholarly...and dang can he wear the heck out of some tailored button-downs and trousers!

Mmm, yes to all that! Also, we could have him on an exercise routine, like Benedict beefed up for Khan... mmm, Khan.

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