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Tussaud Giveaway

To cap off my all things French week. Though I might not have mentioned it, that's how this week was in my head... first some Flowery Spies, then some pre-revolutionary giveaways. What's the giveaway you ask as I dawdle on and on about the contents of my head versus getting straight to the point. Well, back in December, the lovely Michelle Moran, whom you should remember has visited my humble blog before, offered me a chance at a giveaway for all my lovely readers. I jumped at the chance! Ever since she mentioned her new book about Madams Tussaud back in, oh... September 2009 when I was just starting out in the blogosphere... I have been very excited. I love France! My last name is French (ok, Belgian, but that just makes me more like Poirot). One of my ancestors was second in command the first time Napoleon was wagging war, he washed his hand of the diminutive emperor after the whole Elba thing. Anyway, back to the giveaway. You could win a signed copy of the new book as well as these adorable Marie Antionette earrings, which make me wish I had pierced ears!

So onto the "official rules"...

The Prize:
A signed edition of Michelle Moran's new book, Madame Tussaud and a pair of Marie Antoinette earrings.

Book description:
"Smart and ambitious, Marie Tussaud has learned the secrets of wax sculpting by working alongside her uncle in their celebrated wax museum, the Salon de Cire. From her popular model of the American ambassador, Thomas Jefferson, to her tableau of the royal family at dinner, Marie’s museum provides Parisians with the very latest news on fashion, gossip, and even politics. Her customers hail from every walk of life, yet her greatest dream is to attract the attention of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI; their stamp of approval on her work could catapult her and her museum to the fame and riches she desires. After months of anticipation, Marie learns that the royal family is willing to come and see their likenesses. When they finally arrive, the king’s sister is so impressed that she requests Marie’s presence at Versailles as a royal tutor in wax sculpting. It is a request Marie knows she cannot refuse—even if it means time awayfrom her beloved Salon and her increasingly dear friend, Henri Charles.

As Marie gets to know her pupil, Princesse Élisabeth, she also becomes acquainted with the king and queen, who introduce her to the glamorous life at court. From lavish parties with more delicacies than she’s ever seen to rooms filled with candles lit only once before being discarded, Marie steps into a world entirely different from her home on the Boulevard du Temple, where people are selling their teeth in order to put food on the table.

Meanwhile, many resent the vast separation between rich and poor. In salons and cafés across Paris, people like Camille Desmoulins, Jean-Paul Marat, and Maximilien Robespierre are lashing out against the monarchy. Soon, there’s whispered talk of revolution. . . . Will Marie be able to hold on to both the love of her life and herfriendship with the royal family as France approaches civil war? And more important, will she be able to fulfill the demands of powerful revolutionaries who ask that she make the death masks of beheaded aristocrats, some of whom she knows?

Spanning five years, from the budding revolution to the Reign of Terror, Madame Tussaud brings us into the world of an incredible heroine whose talent for wax modeling saved her life and preserved the faces of a vanished kingdom."

The Rules:
1. Open to EVERYONE (for clarification, this means international, but no shipping to space stations or TARDI), just because you haven't been following me all along doesn't mean you don't matter, you just get more entries if you prove you love me by following.

2. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if your name is drawn, either your blogger profile or a link to your website/blog or you could even include your email address with your comment(s) or email me.

3. Contest ends Tuesday, February 22nd at 11:59PM CST (per Michelle's publisher's request, and also so you can lust after the book on the shelves and then run home and enter the giveaway.)

4. How to enter: Just comment in the space below!

5. And for those addicted to getting extra entries:

+1 for answering the question: If you could live in any time period, what period would you choose? Regency England, Pre-Revolutionary France? Remember you're living there, not visiting, so that makes a huge difference.

+2 for becoming a follower

+10 if you are already a follower

+10 for each time you advertise this contest - blog post, sidebar, twitter (please @MzLizard), etc. (but you only get credit for the first post, so tweet all you like, and I thank you for it, but you'll only get the +10 once). Also please leave a link!

Good luck!


Seems I am the first to comment.
Don't know if that is good or bad !

+10 I am a Follower via GFC

+1 I am not sure I would like to live in the past but I would not mind visiting the Regency era. Seems there was quite a bit going on at that time.

Thanks for the giveaway and for opening it to worldwide entries.
I have enjoyed Michelle's books that I have read and I am sure I would like this one as well.

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Yayy! Thanks for the fab giveaway! I loved visiting Madame Tussauds!

+10 GFC follower
+1: I would like to live in the future, so I could say things like 'In the early 21st century...', but if I lived in the past I would like to live in the Regency period because it all looks beautiful on tv lol.
+10 blog post:
+10 sidebar:


Thanks a lot for the contest! :) I am a fan of Michelle Moran's books.

+1 Regency England

+10 if you are already a follower

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+10 Facebook

+10 Right sidebar under contests

Thanks for the Giveaway! I want this book soo bad!


+10 I'm a follower
+1 I would love to live in Regency England!

Taylor~ I saw on Blodeuedd's blog that your interested in reading By Fire, By Water by Mitchell James Kaplan. I thought you may be interested in a giveaway that I have going on over at my site. I'm giving away 2 copies of By Fire, By Water. Someone once took the time out to let me know about their giveaway & I really appreciated it so I thought I would step by and give you the opportunity in reading this book :)


Sounds like a fantastic book. I love a good historical.

+1 I would like to live in Regency era England.

+2 Just became a follower

+10 Tweeted!/crazymidwestgal/status/28456103788421120
and also facebooked!/profile.php?id=1437249669

I think if were to live in the past I would have to say Regency period....

I am a new follower GFC

dancealert at aol dot com

I posted the giveaway on my blog

dancealert at aol dot com

Those earrings are really cute, I would love to read the book, it sounds really good.
I am a old gfc follower +10
I would live in the 1918 period, because I follow pandemics, and I would like to have studied it. +1

I would love to win this book! Thanks!
+10 I'm a follower.
amandarwest at gmaildotcom

This sounds great! I love that period. I would totally share this with my aunt, she loves the great dreses and details and such from that era.

+10 Tweeted:!/Zombie_Girrrl/status/28487550481989633

+10 Old follower

+10 Sidebar link

+1 It all depends on what class I was in. If I were filthy rich, I'd want to live in Victorian England (I just saw The Young Victoria and am somewhat in love with the period. They wore three waistcoats! Three! How fab is that?).

ZombieGirrrl21 at aol dot com

Total: 31 (or is it 32? Is there an automatic 1 for entering and the rest are bonus?)

I'm a new follower via gfc

I'd choose to live in Regency England

I'd choose Regency England (as long as I was rich) but really I'm to spoiled with modern day conviences like plumbing, heat & electricity.

I am really looking forward to this book. Her books are always so good plus this is a time period I am interested in. Add to that how little I know about Madame Tussaud, it will be nice to learn of her life and experiences. It is not a time period I would like to have been caught in.
Going back in time - sure, but to Regency England, not Pre-Revolutionary France, especially knowing what was about to happen.

+1 answered question.
+2 New GFC Follower - librarypat

Thanks for the giveaway.

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

How awesome. I've been wanting to read this one since i saw it on goodreads. If i could live in any time period it would be in regency England. A time when Ladies were ladies and men were gentlemen.


+10 old follower.
+1 answered question

Plse enter me! I'm looking forward to reading this book.

Thanks for the contest!

+1 I think I would like to have lived in pre-revolutionary France only if I were well off enough to do it. If not, then it's Renaissance Italy all the way - if I will be poor, I will be a poor starving artist!

+10 if you are already a follower (Ammy Belle)


Michelle's books are always good and I know I will enjoy this one too! Thank you for the giveaway!

+1 I'd prefer to live in France today! I do like all the modern convinces and what would I do without my computer! lol However, Regency England might be interesting.

+10 already a follower

mittens0831 at aol dot com

I meant conveniences! lol

+! Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

ShaunaRoberts [at] NASW [dot] org

+1 I would like to live in ancient Sumer if I could choose another place and time to live.

+2 I just became a follower.


4 total entries

+10 I'm a follower via GFC
+1 I don't believe I'd like to live in the past; visiting would be ok, but I like modern conveniences.

Thank you for this opportunity to enter your contest!

Florida, USA

I would be honored to win this book by Michelle Moran and the earrings
are lovely!
+2 I follow via GFC.
+1 Definitely, the Regency Era!
+10 "Tweet!~
Merci beaucoup, Cindi
Total Entries = 13

I also did a Facebook Post...
This now makes my total entries
Again, many thanks!

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New GFC follower

I'd like to have lived in Regency era.


Post on facebook

+1 I would choose to live in Regency England.
+10 follower- thegirlonfire27
+10 spread link at
thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

Wow, what a great giveaway!

+1 I would definitely live in Regency England. Especially knowing what I do now...

+10 new follower

+10 spread here

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Great Idea! Excited to read this book.
+ 1-Pre-Revolutionary France because I love France
+10-Already a follower
+10-Blog post

Thanks for hosting this !

Ancient Greece

I can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

+1 Europe during the Renaissance...such a great time for the arts!

+10 old GFC follower

+10 Facebook:!/michellestockardmiller/posts/155663194487556


I kept seeing this novel pop up in the blogosphere and love the beautiful cover! :-)

+1 I would love to experience living in Ancient Greece or Rome, then the Regency period and then the '20s. I would love to be atime traveler and spend a week each month in a different era :-)

+10 old and loyal GFC follower

Thank you for the generous giveaway and for making it international!

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

I would want to live in the Regency Period in England -

+10 I am an old follower via GFC
*1 for answering question
*10 for Tweet:!/crazymidwestgal/status/162920937094791168

maria63303 at gmail dot com

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