Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doctor Who Stars to New Show

In an interesting development for fans of Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston has been cast to star in a one-off drama as John Lennon. Lennon Naked will be a 90 minutes movie centering on his evolution from Beatle to enduring and enigmatic icon, therefore Yoko will play an important part. Filling that part is the 9th Doctor's Torchwood associate Tashiko Sato, Naoko Mori. Naoko, besides being the sad sack of Torchwood (did she ever have a functional relationship?) might be known to non-Whovians as Sarah, Saffy's Baby Spice obsessed friend in Ab Fab, or even as the Spice Girls' pregnant friend in Spice World. The cast will be rounded off by Claudie Blakley. Plus, come on, Christopher, in his eerily ability to morph into someone new all the time looks very much like Lennon!


WOW! When I first saw this pic, I thought it was John Lennon! He really does look like him! I have always loved Christopher...ever since Shallow Grave and Jude. I admire his acting ability. I was hard-pressed to accept David Tenant as Dr. Who because I was so pissed that Christopher was gone (I got over it)! I'll be looking forward to this movie. Thanks for the heads up =O)

wow he does look like John lennon. I loved watching in Dr. Who But once there was new one..I was hooked too.

He's just a freakin' chameleon! I've been waiting to post this till pictures were released, I'm glad I did, it's creepy how much he looks like Lennon.

As soon as I saw the picture, my comment was going to be how much he looks like Lennon - then you said that very thing! I liked Toshiko and think Naoko Mori will be really good in this roll, even if I don't like the real life person she is portraying much.

Oh, but, Naoko Mori is way too beautiful for Yoko Ono.

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