Monday, December 14, 2009

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Nanny Returns: A Novel by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Published by: Atria
Publication Date: December 15th, 2009
Format: Hardcover, 320 Pages
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The official patter:
"Now she's back. After living abroad for twelve years, she and her husband, Ryan, aka H.H., have returned to New York to make a life for themselves. In the midst of getting her new business off the ground and fixing up their fixer-upper, Ryan announces his sudden desire to start a family. His timing simply couldn't be worse.
To compound the mounting construction and marital chaos, her former charge, Grayer X, now sixteen years old, makes a drunken, late-night visit, wanting to know why she abandoned him all those years ago. But how can she explain to Grayer what she still hasn't come to terms with herself? In an attempt to assuage her guilt, yet against every instinct, Nan tries to help Grayer and his younger brother, Stilton, through their parents' brutal divorce, drawing her back into the ever-bizarre life of Mrs. X and her Upper East Side enclave of power and privilege.

After putting miles and years between herself and this world, Nan finds she's once again on the front line of the battle with the couture-clad elite for their children's wellbeing. With its whip-smart dialogue and keen observations of modern life, Nanny Returns gives a firsthand tour of what happens when a community that chose money over love finds itself with neither."

Who needs some money? Oh, I know! The one hit wonders who wrote The Nanny Diaries and have since had many flops! It doesn't really matter if their successive attempts to break back into The New York Times Bestsellers List were good or not, they just didn't have the mass appeal of their first one. So time to bring Nanny back! But will this ploy really succeed? I mean it's not like the movie, which had everyone buzzing Oscar, actually was Oscar worthy (though fun) and it's release date was change numerous times adding to the fact it was doomed to fail... I enjoyed the first book and the movie, but I'm only marginally excited about this followup. Plus they didn't even get Julia Roberts to read the audiobook this time around, and let's face it, that's one of the real reasons it got such big hype the first time around...


I just saw your Best Reads list on your sidebar and Crocodile on the Sandbank jumped out at me. My older sister is in love with that series! She's read it faithfully for, like, ten years. I've never seen it around the blogosphere, though. I read the first few books in the series, and they're very good. Hope you enjoy the rest of Peabody's misadventures! ^-^

I hope to too! I just adore anything in Egypt really.

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